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  • The Treehouse’s new location

    The Treehouse moved right down the street from me!? Tina and Randy have done a great job at the new location and it looks great. I went to their Wednesday night open mic last week and broke a string, so it was just like old times.

  • Treehouse Coffee Shop for Sale

    Wow, I was surprised to see this today. Hey everyone, This is the third bulletin that I have sent out about this. I want to make you all aware that Tina and I know that the Lord has called us to sell the shop. He has told us that our season here is over. I…

  • Treehouse Open Mic

    Last night I stopped by the everlasting Treehouse Open Mic night hosted by Rich. It’s great to see it continue and as far as I know they’ve been having one for at least 6 years. A lot of new performers (except Bob Michel) were there and most were entertaining. I don’t remember most of their…