Clap Your Hands Say Yeah @ The First Unitarian Sweat Lodge

I just got back from seeing Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Grand Buffet, and Magnolia Electric Co. (songs: ohia) at the First Unitarian Church.

The early crowd was there and ready for CYHSY who opened with Let the Cool Goddess Rust Away. Highlights for me include the Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth and the previously unheard (by me) Satan Said Dance. I think they played every song from their CD except Heavy Metal, Gimmie Some Salt, and Clap Your Hands. It was 8000 damn degrees during the set and we thought about leaving after CYHSY, but we ended up sticking around for Grand Buffet and most of Magnolia Electric Co.

Grand Buffet was a hip hop duo spouting funny and offensive songs about treehouses and religious fanatics. Imagine an Insane Clown Posse that you wouldn’t be embarassed to like.

Magnolia Electric Co. fit into that indie-alt-country vein like My Morning Jacket, but probably lean more towards country (or maybe Western, who know?). Anyway, a few weeks ago someone described them as sounding like Neil Young and I thought that description held up well.

It was definitely a diverse lineup.

I’m so glad I stuck around to see the singer from Magnolia Electric Co. whip out a $100 bill and buy everyone in the room water. He picked a random dude out of the audience, gave him the $100, and told him to go buy water. The guy came back with a tub of water bottles and handed them out to everyone. That had to be one of the coolest and most unexpected things I’ve ever seen at a show.

Update: Why wasn’t this guy at the show?

Update 2: Show recap by the 700 Level. Also, another shout out from blinq.


5 responses to “Clap Your Hands Say Yeah @ The First Unitarian Sweat Lodge”

  1. nofxpunk99 Avatar

    i was there too
    cyhsy owned! they were so awesome
    it was indeed quite the sweatbox
    i felt like i was lodged inside some obese persons armpit
    i left for the grand buffet whathaveyou
    i sat with my girlfriend in her car and took off my pants
    only because my boxers were drenched in sweat and stuck to me and needed to airate you pervs
    it was well worth it
    i loved the yellow skin of my country teeth, and then they went right into over and over again(lost and found) which is my favorite song from the album
    great show i thought

  2. Now that was a recap.

  3. sorry i missed it, last night was the only night we could rehearse for our show tomorrow. i think the church is hot 365 days a year!

    also, it’s songs: ohiA, don’t ask me why.

  4. JoanneG Avatar

    your review is also on ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. BridgetB Avatar

    I went to The Miller Brew-ha last night in Milwaukee. It was Miller Beer’s 150th Birthday Party at Miller Park(where the Brewers play) It was so awesome! And guess who headlined???? BON JOVI!!! The Goo Goo Dolls opened for them, they were excellent. There were a couple other bands that played before the Goo Goo Dolls but I’m not sure who they were.
    Ben, I just thought you would love to know that I saw Bon Jovi. ๐Ÿ˜‰