Greatest TV Shows Ever?

In my last post I ranked The Office as the greatest TV show ever. It got me thinking about what the best shows were. Here’s a stab at answering the question.

10. The Daily Show
9. Carnivale
8. Kids in the Hall
7. Survivor
6. The Sopranos
5. Six Feet Under
4. Twin Peaks
3. The Simpsons
2. Seinfeld
1. The Office

Note: There are a few shows I probably should consider based on everyone raving about them, but I haven’t watched them enough to include them in the list (ie. X-Files, 24, Lost)

Note 2: There are a bunch of shows that were before my time that most people would include. Personally, I don’t think they hold up as well today (ie. M*A*S*H, All in the Family, I Love Lucy)

Note 3: I used to really like Star Trek: The Next Generation, but was too embarrassed to put that in the list. Same thing with Quantum Leap.

Note 4: If you try to make one of these lists, don’t google for “best TV shows” because you’ll have to rewrite your entire list. Where’s Conan? SNL? Mystery Science Theater 3000?

Note 5: Don’t even comment if you’re going to ask why any of the following shows aren’t on the list: Cheers, ER, or Home Improvement.


5 responses to “Greatest TV Shows Ever?”

  1. JoanneG Avatar

    There is no shame in loving Quantum Leap.

  2. no full house either! do you even own a television?

  3. One of my favorite shows ever. I actually watched 8 hours of it on Sci-Fi last month just because 8 hours were on.

  4. There’s no shame in liking Star Trek either. I’d put DS9 before Next Gen though.

  5. You used to like The Greatest American Hero and The Dukes of Hazard.