NBC’s The Office

Most of you know my love for BBC’s The Office. I watched the first episode of the NBC version with Steve Carrell, but never caught any of the others because I thought it was on Thursday nights. As part of a promotion for the 40 Year Old Version, NBC ran the first four episodes again last week and I finally got around to watching them on TiVo.

I thought they were pretty good.

It’s not going to hold up to the original, but it’s pretty funny. It’s much better when they write their own scripts though, rather than the two that were identical to the british scripts (the pilot and the one with the girl selling purses in the office). I loved the episode where Dwight, played by Rainn Wilson of Six Feet Under, is chosen to pick the health care plan and makes the employees say all of their diseases and conditions outloud. Jim and Pam’s made up diseases were hilarious (Hot Dog Fingers and Count Choculitis were a few).

Hopefully they’ll run the rest of the episodes.

In other news, I can’t wait for the HBO preview in a few weeks so I can watch this season of Six Feet Under on demand. If anyone spoils it for me you will die.