Built to Spill @ The Electric Factory

Built to Spill rocked the Electric Factory last night. The opening band was so dark and brooding that it made even the most plodding Built to Spill tune sound upbeat. The set list was great and included I Would Hurt a Fly, Plan, Distopian Dream Girl, and my two favorite songs, Big Dipper and Stop the Show.

The only weird part was two people behind me having a tug of war with a long piece of tape between the bar area and the main section. I’m not sure what was going on there, but they seemed to be having a great time.

Update: Found the setlist here

built to spill
the plan
when not being stupid is not good enough
distopian dream girl
goin’ against your mind
i would hurt a fly
one thing
(caustic resin tune)
big dipper
in your mind
virginia reel around the fountain
carrry the zero

stop the show


One response to “Built to Spill @ The Electric Factory”

  1. I have the bass player’s setlist with me. I’ll scan it and put it on my lj soon. It’s really cool since it has it has a hole where his cigarette burned through.