Dali Exhibit

I went to the Dali Exhibit at the Philadelphia Art Museum and it was amazing. Typically, I favor exhibits about a period or a group of artists, because seeing the same artist’s work over and over dilutes the impact of seeing an individual piece. Dali can pull it off. I feel like I learned more about the person than the actual paintings, which is probably fitting since Dali was typically the source of his own inspiration. The exhibit was very long. It took us almost three hours to get through everything, but it was well worth it. Stop putting off getting tickets. Just go.

While I’m sort of on the subject, can I say how awesome the Philadelphia Art Museum is? Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think the city brags enough about it. It’s one of the only museums I’ve been to that has work from every single period and it would take forever to see it all. I love all the museums and galleries in DC and San Francisco, but for a single location I’ll take Philadelphia’s Art Museum over anything I’ve been to.