Busted and Blitzed with the Bunnymen

Philebrity’s tells the amazing story of this guy’s plan to get Echo and the Bunnymen to hang out at the Pontiac Grille after last night’s show. Apparently the South Street cops aren’t keen on people passing out flyers.

The cops ask for ID, which I give right away, and then proceed to search me. And man, do I have a lot of shit in my pockets. But not what they were looking for. As the one dude is rustling through PocketTown, he pulls a guitar capo out of my pocket, which produces the following exchange:
?What the hell is this thing??
?It?s a capo.?
?What the hell is that??
?Well, it?s for a guitar. You fasten it around the frets so you can play in a higher key.?
?I?ve never seen such a thing in my life!?
Ok. Search over, Officer Friendly is now taking down my info. As he does, I keep putting my hands in my pockets (nervous habit), and when I do, one or more of the cops (about four were amassed out on the TLA sidewalk) immediately shouts: ?YO! PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR GODDAMN HEAD!?
Whoops. And so I do.
Now, while this all happening, I believe I?m being written a ticket or a summons. So I?m just standing there waiting, hands on head. The officer finishes up the ticket, and just as I?m thinking he sends me on his way, he says:
?Ok. Please put your hands behind you. I?m going to cuff you now. It?s for your protection and mine.?
?Are you serious? Look at me. I am the biggest pussy on this entire street.?
Apparently, he did not believe me.

The rest of the tale is worth reading.


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  1. jimpot Avatar

    i say that any story that features joey sweeney in jail is a good one, har har har. on a related note: why does philadelphia have to suck so much?!?