Greasemonkey Will Blow Up the Web (In a Good Way)

A few weeks ago someone posted a Greasemonkey script in a game of Odd Man In. I had heard of Greasemonkey, but I didn’t know what it was until now. It’s a firefox extension that allows you to easily install simple JavaScript files and apply them to various websites. In short, this extension lets you improve the user interface of any web application and share it with everyone.

For example, I installed a script that lets me use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out at google maps.

Other scripts can modify IMDB to automatically calculate an actor’s age and add links that put the movie in your NetFlix queue if you like browsing IMDB better than Netflix.

Another embeds a tiny MP3 player next to an MP3 link, so you don’t have to load an external player and can continue browsing as it streams in. This is great for browsing MP3 blogs.

This is exciting stuff and will scare the crap out of advertisement supported websites. I believe once information leaves the server it’s out of the author’s hands and the user can do whatever they want with it as long as it’s legal. Filtering out ads and changing menus is certainly legal.

Check out all these scripts.


3 responses to “Greasemonkey Will Blow Up the Web (In a Good Way)”

  1. I ever tell you that I use firefox now? i have been for, like, almost a year now.

    true story.

    oh shoot i still have to install firefox on my mom’s computer . . .

  2. Gobby Avatar

    Is it possible that a Greasemonkey script is causing problems with the game? Seems like the trouble with the game updating started about the same time you started using their script/s. Just a theory.

  3. Nope, not possible. It was something else.