The Office (again)

My first post about the Office was not enough. I just finished the final Christmas special of the Office and if you haven’t watched it you should go out and get it tomorrow. Buy, rent, steal it, whatever, just find it and watch it.

It’s been out on DVD since 2003 and I wish someone would have made me watch it then.

What’s great about it is that you expect it to be a funny spoof on office work, but it’s a hundred times deeper than that. It makes Office Space look like a shitty episode of Drew Carey. It’s brilliant and unlike good American shows they knew when to cut it off.


5 responses to “The Office (again)”

  1. I just watched all three last night. Good stuff.

  2. Apparently, you’re right about the American TV bit. Kinda. Because NBC bought the rights and remade the show. For real.

    God help us all.

  3. Yeah, Steve Carell (Daily Show, Anchorman) is playing the David Brent character and the guy who played Arthur on Six Feet Under is the “Gareth.”

    I saw a preview for it two nights ago and it looked pretty bad.

  4. Steve Carrell or whatever his name is is permanently marked by his involvement in Anchorman: The Legend Of The Worst Comedy Ever Made

  5. Thank you. Last weekend I had to defend the opinion that Anchorman sucked. The only worse movie was Dodgeball.