Jason Zahn’s GameShow in the USA Today

Wow, our friend Jason Zahn over at the GameShow found out today that his site was mentioned in the USA Today.

Remember the old Match Game TV show? Try it for yourself here: Each weekday, a phrase is displayed with a missing word, and players must guess what missing word is most likely to be selected to complete the phrase. For example, the phrase “tire______” was displayed recently, and the most popular completion was ?iron.? While the game show aspect is the centerpiece of the site, the feature flash games also caught our eye. Choices include ?super 80s fun toy? and a series of offerings based on classic works like The Scarlet Letter.

What better day to bring the GameShow to the nation than the day with the biggest crunk-up of results ever. The phrase was _____ism. GameShow player jerk2inflate goes down in the history books with the best answer ever: CRAPPYWORDISM


2 responses to “Jason Zahn’s GameShow in the USA Today”

  1. It took me half the day to come up with an answer for “___ism” after committing not to use the obvious crude answer.

    I should have taken that college course in Crappywordism more seriously.

  2. Bah. As if _____ISM wasn’t bad enough, _____ OCEAN follows on the day USA Today highlights it. Ugly.