Adrien Reju & Birdie Last Friday

Last Friday I stopped in to see Adrien and Birdie at the Tree House. The mood was laid back and the music was good, but what I liked best about it was the format. Adrien and Birdie took turns playing as a sort of folk-singing tag team. I’ve heard Adrien play dozens of times, but she still seems to play new songs every time I hear her. All musicians should be jealous at the number of songs she can come up with. Her secret is that she must work her ass off in writing them. Whenever she stopped by my open mic she’d carry a songbook with her and work on new lyrics.

I had heard Birdie at least once before, and her style is mellow and poetic. Her voice sounds like someone I know, but I still can’t place it.


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    Me and the fellow seated next to me (I should remember his name, but I don’t) were trying to place who Birdie sounds like. After awhile I decided she sounds like Gillian Welch. It was funny, because just after I announced it, Birdie happened to play a Gillian Welch song and said she was one of her favorite artists.
    It was a good show. I just wonder how Adrien hasn’t really been “discovered” yet. She’s so freaking talented and she sings like an angel.

  2. Yeah, she’s awesome.

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    1pm 3/15 – “Why” is on XPN right now!!! I love this.