Marc Hogan Beheads Louis XIV

My current favorite Pitchfork reviewer is definitely Marc Hogan, the master of negative analogies. I raved about his review of Tegan and Sara’s So Jealous and his latest review of Louis XIV’s Illegal Tender contained this gem.

This album has raunchy sleazy guitar solos, like on opener “Louis XIV”, which sounds like Noel Gallagher fucking AC/DC’s guest list in assless chaps.

That’s disturbing, and yet I can’t discount that it may have actually happened at some point.


3 responses to “Marc Hogan Beheads Louis XIV”

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    Marc Hogan is a babe!!

  2. Do you know him?

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    For ever bad Louis xiv review there are least twenty good ones. Maybe, Marc should should spend more time slamming bands that really deserve it.