Adrien Reju & Birdie this Friday @ The Treehouse

Adrien Reju and Birdie are playing this Friday at the Treehouse at 8:00PM. Check it out.

For your listening pleasure, Adrien Reju – Gang of Cool


3 responses to “Adrien Reju & Birdie this Friday @ The Treehouse”

  1. surfer7 Avatar

    wow, im surprised; the beginning solo threw me off, but that song is actually really good! Great relaxing voice on her.

  2. Wow, I assumed the MP3 was the version I have on CD. It’s not, it’s a whole new awesome version. The first song on this page is really good, too.

    Adrien’s music page

  3. surfer7 Avatar

    Thats a good one too. Catchy chorus, gotta love that G minor:

    Bb, F

    Eb, Bb
    Eb, Gm, F
    C, F, C, F, B