Month: November 2004

  • Poor Ken Jennings, but was Jeopardy rigged?

    He had a good run, but his Jeopardy streak ended tonight at 74 consecutive wins and $2.5 Million. Congratulations to Nancy Zerg for winning. The best part was that I knew the final Jeopardy question that Ken missed. Here’s the Final Jeopardy question in the form of an answer: Category: “Business and Industry: Most of…

  • Shoot the Moon Begins!

    The latest and greatest game of Odd Man In has just begun! It’s called Shoot the Moon and has a nearly game breaking number of players (25). If you’re in the game you should have gotten an email. The moves are due in by 11:59PM EST tomorrow (Wednesday). If anyone has any problems logging in,…

  • Ben’s Awesome Chili

    Need I say more? The Recipe

  • New Odd Man In Game

    If you want to get in the next game of Odd Man In you better act fast. I’m shooting for 20 players before we get started. Join Shoot the Moon, the latest game of Odd Man In. Update:22 players in the game now! I’ll probably start the game soon with the first moves due Wednesday…

  • HUMMER Commercial

    I’m a little disappointed Ratatat had to go and sell their song, Seventeen Years, to HUMMER. Update: Maybe I was a little harsh. It’s mostly because I think civilian Hum-Vs are lame. Hopefully they at least got a lot of money for it.

  • Calling the Police can Backfire

    This story is hilarious.

  • Game Won by Mr Pink!

    Just Shoot Me, the latest game of Odd Man In, was won by Mr Pink aka TomFord! Here are the results from the last round. Mr Cyan was killed. Mr Yellow went to collect a debt and then shot Mr Cyan in the cheek. Mr Green tied him to a palm tree and then shot…

  • Old Guestbook

    Weird. I found the guestbook from my very first website and it’s still active.

  • Delay

    I moved to Audubon and my computer might not be hooked up to the net until Friday. I need it to update the games at midnight, so until I get things set up the rounds will end about 8 hours later than planned this week (8:00AM the next day). The new house is great. My…

  • Round 2 Completed

    Round 2 of Just Shoot Me, the latest Odd Man In game, just ended and here are the results.Mr Yellow was shot at by Mr Yellow and Mr Orange and Mr Green, but he survived. Mr Pink was shot at by Mr Red, but he survived. Mr Red was killed. Mr Brown remembered the face…