Top Ten Websites

Like most people I have a list of websites I check out every day. Here are my top ten favorite websites.

10. – Boring, I know, but checking is a lot more convenient than waiting for the local news to get to it.

9. Courier Post Online – South Jersey’s newspaper online. It’s not the greatest paper on Earth, or even in the area, but their website is decent enough and you can access the current paper online for free.

8. The Kingdom of Loathing – I was really into this game for a while, but there isn’t much left to do in it. It’s a hilarious web based RPG where you fight drunken booze giants and undead elbow macaroni.

7. The Filthy Critic – The only movie reviewer I trust. Filthy rates movies between 1 and 5 fingers. Guess which finger he uses for the worst movies. Here’s a quote from his review of 2000’s Mission to Mars:

“I have been to Mars, and I know what it’s made of: pure, unadulterated crap”

Filthy died a little while back, but somehow came back to life.

6. Drudge Report – He’s not always right, but he’s almost always first. Matt Drudge posts news as it happens (and sometimes before), but just remember that many times the stuff turns out to be false or half true.

5. – Posts the weirdest and most important news of the day with hilarious headlines. Their photoshop contests are amazing.

4. – Part friendster, part craigslist. is a social networking site that has more to offer than just looking at people’s profiles. You can join “tribes” based on your hobbies, cultural interests, alumni affiliations, etc. where you can have discussions and post listings.

3. Jason Zahn’s GameShow – A while back I was looking for a site to run an NFL suicide pool. I came across, a vehicle for Jason’s web work and game development. I skipped the suicide pool that year, but stayed on his mailing list. Eventually I decided to try out his GameShow, a daily complete-the-phrase game where you compete against dozens of people each month. 2 months later, me and the rest of my immediate (and now extended) family are addicted.

2. Slashdot – Every computer geek reads it.

1. BoingBoing – A great resource for odd, insightful, and interesting things on the Internet. It’s run by a great group of devoted authors, tech gurus, and net freaks.


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    I guess it would be wrong in some kind of way to put your own site as one of your top ten… Oh well, it ranks high up there on my list. See you Saturday!


  2. is number 0 on my list.