Game 3 of Odd Man Out is Over!

Everything seemed to go smoothly while I was away. Here are the results of the last round of game 3.

Mr Pink was killed. Mr Blue kicked him in the shins and then shot Mr Pink in the eye.

Mr Blue and Mr Green were both left standing, but Mr Blue won by decision.

Congratulations to big-a aka Mr Blue!

The new game is underway. Now that three games have been played, I’m going to get rid of numerically naming the games. The 4th game is titled “Just Shoot Me.”

For those who played in the last few games: Did you like the rule changes?

Would you be in favor of auto-killing people who forget to make a move? You’d still be able to intentionally shoot no one if you wanted to, but if you never made any move at all the game would just kill you.

What did you think of the new round durations? This time, rounds ended on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Did that work for most people?


4 responses to “Game 3 of Odd Man Out is Over!”

  1. Yes. Kill those foolishly inactive bastards.

  2. yeah, kill the inactives if no move is made after the second round.

  3. Ok, the auto-kills for inactive players will be in.

  4. I like how two people have to shoot someone for them to get killed.

    Or four or six or whatever.

    Makes the game more interesseting.