Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House (8/11/04)

Here’s the recap for one of my last nights as host of the Tree House open mic.

1. Ben Garvey – I played 99%, Nirvana’s Serve the Servants, and a bunch of other songs later in the night.

2. Jeff Richie – Jeff, previously of Greensleeve, stopped by to promote his new demo and play a few songs. I always like his stuff. He’s heading to Boston pretty soon to go to school.

3. Matt Winn – He played a song he made up for Sarah Allen the week before. I liked it and I’m pretty sure it contained elements from one of his previous songs. He also played his appropriately named, Step Aside Watermelon.

4. Bob Michel – I could have sworn Bob said he had a new website at, but that doesn’t work for me. Maybe he’s still working on it.

5. Willie Tapps – He came out and played a bunch of songs, including one with his daughter April.

6. The Recommended Dosage – Pat Hipp and his friend (don’t remember his name) played a Ween marathon that included Bananas and Blow, Buenos Tardes Amigo, Big Jim and more. Needless to say, Rob was very happy.

After the Recommended Dosage played what felt like 48 songs I took over for a bit. During that time a mob of young teenage kids came in and requested some rap and R&B tunes. Luckily, one of my strings broke so Pat came back up and entertained the children.


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    Richie, not Ritchie. 😀