Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House (7/21/04)

This recap is way overdue, but I’ve been freaking busy the past few weeks. Here’s what happened on the open mic for July 21, 2004.

1. Ben Garvey – I played Why Now Satan and 99%.

2. Eric Balkey – Played a song about baseball and didn’t walk off the stage this time, which was nice.

3. Shannon Cole and Joe Calvia – I’ve heard these two before and I think I liked this performance the most. Probably because they did originals.

4. Mike the Comedian – One of only a few comedians we’ve had at the open mic. He needs to work on his act a bit, but I liked the part about Aunt Jemima being hot.

5. Jason Vertucio – He played one of my songs, I Hope I Die on the Moon.

6. The Forest Greens – Mike, Eric and Ellen once again rocked the tree house with celtic music and dancing.

7. The Free Wheelers – They played “That’s All Right Momma” in a tribute to Elvis Presley.

8. Sarah Allen – Played a really good original and a Billy Joel song.

9. George Hilman – Played a cover of James Taylor’s “Something in the Way She Moves.” I justy found out George works with my sister-in-law. Good luck George!

10. John Shaughnessy – John played a song he recently tried out at the Christian open mic.

11. Bruce “BJ” Ness – He and my brother were good friends back in elementary school, so it was nice to see him make it up to the open mic. He played one song and then we coaxed him into playing half of High and Dry, but he forgot some of the words.

12. Jerzy Jung – Such a great voice. She explained why the 2nd song she played is cursed, but I don’t remember what she said. I should get a curse put on one of my tunes. Bad luck to whoever hears it and the only way to break the curse is to listen to is 11 more times.

13. Kilpatrick – He tunes his guitar to be the Barry White of guitars. It sounds deep and dead. He also tried to play High and Dry with as much success as Bruce, but he made up for it by playing “Running Around” which is an awesome original.


2 responses to “Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House (7/21/04)”

  1. You’re telling me that I–the one who got up and actually played the song how it’s played, even doing the quasi-gay falsettos in the chorus–and I did it with “as much success” as Bruce? Were you taking hits from the Southern Comfort in my trunk when I wasn’t looking?

  2. yes and yes.