Sarah Allen Moved to North Carolina

I hoped she wouldn’t leave before I got back, but Treehouse favorite Sarah Allen and her family have finally moved down to North Carolina. She made an impression on me the first time I heard her at the open mic, which I wrote about on February 20th, 2003.

15 year old Sarah (something, don’t remember the last name) played 3 covers including an awesome version of the Cure’s “You” and some Pink Floyd song that has to be the shortest one they ever wrote. I’ll go on record and say she had the best cover selections of any 15 year old I’ve ever heard play at an open mic, not to mention her great voice and surprisingly good guitar work. I hope she comes out again.

She came back at least a few dozen times and was consistently the biggest draw every week during my 15 month stint as the open mic host. Sarah is filled with talent and her shy demeanor evaporates as soon as her songs begin. Her only weakness is that she hides behind too many covers. She gets begged constantly to write more music and according to her blog it’s a source of frustration for her, but what better time to work on new music then when living in a new town without the distractions of friends? I’ve always written my best stuff when stuck somewhere for a few days without Internet access and without anyone around. It gives you the time and the freedom to try anything. One of the reasons people write songs is because that’s the only way they can sound their best.

Good luck Sarah and don’t ever stop playing.


4 responses to “Sarah Allen Moved to North Carolina”

  1. I don’t think much is left of North Carolina right now.

  2.  Avatar

    Sarah is writing death metal songs as we speak.


  3. i’m sad.

  4. it’s called “god is a hooker with syphillis and we are all dead inside”