Fark Photoshop Contest

Every day over at Fark.com they have photoshop contests where people manipulate images into jokes, political statements, parodies, etc. To commemorate the recent NY Post goof they ran the following contest: “Photoshop other New York Post front-page scoops (link goes to most recent one)”

The results denigrated into an amazing self referential free for all that blows me away.


6 responses to “Fark Photoshop Contest”

  1. From the “Photoshop other inappropriate Starbucks ads” contest:

  2. I love fark.

  3. Truly my finest moment in PS.

  4. that is SO inappropriate!!!

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

    print it out and make copies and leave these little flyers around town!!

  5. Put them near the bowl of Testamints?

  6. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this before, but maybe not on fark. Did you link to it from your website?