Federal Marriage Amendment

My politics don’t always bleed into this site, but I’ll just put this out there. Congress is about to vote on a Constituional amendment called the Federal Marriage Amendment, which would deny homosexuals the right to marry. Constituional amendments are extremely hard to roll back once they are in place, so if you believe in the right of consenting adults to get married, head here.


4 responses to “Federal Marriage Amendment”

  1. I’m trying to push through a Constitutional Amendment banning marriage altogether. Am I not in tune with the public or something?

  2. ….and I’m trying to forumlate an amendment making gay marriage MANDATORY.

  3. That’s odd because I was considering an amendment making gay sex mandatory for people getting married. We should pool our ideas and make one big assed gay amendment.

  4. Yes. And we shall chnage the name of our country to the United States of Gay-merica.