Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House

This is the recap for last week’s open mic on June 30th.

1. Ben Garvey – Rob complained about me playing the same songs ever week so I played Todd Snyder’s “Alright Guy,” Beck’s “Cut in Half Blues,” and my own “Why Now Satan?”

2. Johnny Miles – Played a new original that I liked.

3. Forest Greens – It might have been the last appearance of Sam in the band.

4. Jason Vertucio – Covered Bush’s “Glycerine.”

5. Sarah Allen – I love when she plays the keyboard. Her voice seems more relaxed than when she plays guitar.

6. Phil Golub – He played some song about Heroin, at least that’s what my notes say.

7. Bob Michel – He said he couldn’t make Sarah’s show so he dedicated a song to her. Hell if I know what song it was.

8. The Freewheelers – They finally took my advice and played “Deathletter” which is one of my favorite songs on the White Stripes’ album, “De Stijl.”

9. Matt Winn – Supposedly Matt can play the guitar and the keyboard at the same time, but tonight he played a cool keyboard instrumental called “Duka,” which I think he said means “suffering” in Sanskrit.

10. Craig Caniglia – Also played the keyboard since it was already out.

11. Willie & Danielle – Danielle plays the flute nicely, especially with Willie.

12. John Shaughnessy – Tried playing a song with my guitar, but kind of gave up when it refused to tune for him.

13. Dave Moretz – Covered “I Shot the Sheriff.” Nice rhythm.

14. Roz King – Like the huge nerd I am I’ve been keeping notes so I have a basic idea of what to write each week. I didn’t take Notes on Roz or Keith and all I remember is Roz having problems tuning his guitar. It must have been the humidity that night.

15. Keith Lewis – By request he played “Dance My Love Dance,” which might have been played more times than any other original song at the Tree House / Living Room in 3 years.


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    That’s because the same people keep showing up(They notice you play the same songs).