Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House

Two recaps in one night? Unreal.

Last Wednesday (June 7th) was an odd night for me. All night it seemed like the Tree House couldn’t tell if it was going to be slow or busy. Rob ran a new-hat-drive with his tip basket and I think he met his goal. His old hat was eaten by a dog.

1. Ben Garvey – I opened the show with Beck’s “Jackass,””Headstart,” and a cover of Built to Spill’s “Big Dipper.”

2. Jim – He just picked up the guitar and made the Tree House open mic his debut public performance! He got through most of a cover of “Knockin on Heaven’s Door.”

3. David – I turned the gain on his guitar’s channel down all the way and his guitar was still blasting through. One of the night’s hightlights was David playing “Whiskey in a Jar” with Mike Romano of The Forest Greens!

4. The Forest Greens! – The new band has an exclamation point and a new violinist. She’s super talented and even does Irish line dancing or whatever they call it while Mike and Eric wail away on the hammer dulcimer and the guitar.

5. Bob Michel – I liked the 2nd song he did.

6. The Freewheelers – Did a cover of CC Rider (by the Animals? I’m not sure).

7. Brimstone Alley – Nice guys. I remember one song about a sidewalk.

8. Steve Flocco – I wonder if he’s still mad at Roz for getting cut off a few weeks back.

9. Willie Tapps – Willie does a nice cover of Lucinda William’s “Sweet Old World.”

10. Roz King – A little out of tune, but good.

11. Johnny Miles – We listened to his CD while I set up for the open mic. It sounded great! I need to get ahold of a copy.

12. Dylan O’Hearn – I used to get Johnny and Dylan mixed up, but not anymore. Dylan’s first song rocked.

13. Meg Rios – The wife of a diplomat writing songs about stress, choices, etc. I asked her if she had diplomatic immunity during her time in Trinidad. She said “Yes.”

14. Ron – Probably the first time I ever heard “Sultan of Swing” at the open mic.


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    i need a copy of johnny miles CD too!