Open Mic Tonight

Come out tonight to the Tree House open mic. It runs from 8:00PM – 11:00PM. You can sign up in advance here or just come to hang out and drink coffee. Supporting your local coffeehouse makes everyone happier, except Starbucks.


3 responses to “Open Mic Tonight”

  1. LemmingJenny Avatar

    who is the guy that always goes crazy? he is so sexy….. i just want to know who he is…. is he taken?

  2. Are you talking about Phil? Yes, he has a girlfriend.

  3.  Avatar

    actually, if you are talking about me, there is a misconception about the girlfriend thing. I have a baby with a girl who is no longer my girlfriend, but we live together. However, before anyone decides that they want to “meet” me, they should know that the reason of our breakup had to do with my psychotic ways and previous heroin addiction. If you still want to meet, then you have some serious balls and are not a woman, and I am surely not gay.