Electrical Experimenter

Every week at the open mic I put a weird or relevent picture on the signup sheet. For the past few weeks I have been using covers from a early 1900s science magazine called “Electrical Experimenter” which later became “Science and Invention.” Their technology featured on each cover either seems far fetched or completely ridiculous.

Some of my favorites…

Update: How could I forget this one. It’s just slightly politically incorrect these days.


3 responses to “Electrical Experimenter”

  1. Brian Avatar

    I like how everyone in 1973 is still looks like extras from the movie “The Sting”, even though they now drive super-modern two-wheeled heli-sausages. We could come up with car that cool, but we’re still wearing pork pie hats?

  2. I wonder if back then people looked at this magazine and said, “yeah right” or if they believed some of the innovations would eventually come true. My guess is that it more sensational than modern science mags, which helped it sell more copies.

  3. Brian Avatar

    It would’ve been funny if they had a “non-electric” gyro destroyer where there was a guy in the middle of the gyro peddling to make it spin.