Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House

The open mic was really busy last week and as I mentioned earlier, Bernard pulled out all the wardrobe stops.

1. Ben Garvey – I played 99%, All My Dreams are in Cartoon, and Lord Only Knows.

2. Keenan – Natasha’s son sang three songs, all called “I Have More Stuff Than You,” which included chickens, cakes, and various other random material posessions. The best part about his act was when everyone applauded him at the end, Keenan spoke right into the mic and said, “Everyone here clapped except the guy with the duck hat.”

3. Roz King – Was Roz using a different guitar this week? I couldn’t tell.

4. The Freewheelers – They played the “Sound of Silence” and a few other oldies.

5. Sarah Allen – She played that cool helicopter song. Pretty soon she’ll be heading south for North Carolina, so make sure you catch her show on Saturday, June 3rd at the Tree House. Make sure to congratulate her on finishing the Roz King school of music.

6. Jim – He came all the way from Colorado and somehow managed to draw a crowd.

7. Johnny Miles – I’ve known this guy for about a year or so now and I just realized I went to high school with his older brother.

8. Forest Greens – Mike and Sam rocked the house even without Eric.

9. Phil – Started out mellow, and then went heavier. He’s opening for Sarah on Saturday so check it out.

10. Willie – Played some great tunes like he always does.

11. Bob Michel – Jammed out some nice guitar playing during the 2nd song

12. Shannon Cole & Joe – Did an original song that I think is titled “Journey.”

13. Jason Vertucio – Did his version of “You” by the Cure.

14. George Hilman – Got into some Dangerous Liasons up there on stage.

15. Craig Caniglia – He stayed late to play and did some originals, although he neeed to use his friend for a music stand.


5 responses to “Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House”

  1. i think it’s the treehouse

  2. They are very similar.

  3.  Avatar

    More dangerous than Jason Mraz. Thanks again for setting up and for my friends headshot with duckman. George

  4. LemmingJenny Avatar

    still trying to figure out who the crazy yelling man is…… i think he’s very sexy and want to meet him…. is he taken?

  5.  Avatar


    that really cool song by shannon cole is called “Crazy Beautiful Land.” i heart that song.