Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House

First, we’re tossing the whole artist tribute idea. 4 weeks have gone by and despite 29 votes for the Talking Heads we’ve heard a total of 2 Talking Heads songs. I’m not going to waste my time, so forget it.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to last week’s open mic. It was a little slower than usual because of some nasty weather.

1. Ben Garvey – I played “Why Now Satan?” “All My Dreams are in Cartoon,” “Thesis,” and a slowed down version of “I Hope I Die on the Moon” to a dwindling 11:00PM crowd.

2. John Shaughnessy – He cut his hair for the Locks of Love and did a cover of “Dear Prudence” by the Beatles. A while back I saw Our Lady Peace do a pretty cool cover of that, too.

3. Roz King – When I came in Roz was giving Sarah a guitar lesson. He broke one of her strings trying to do some sort of 3 pitch bend. Later on he did the song about being in an empy well.

4. Miles & Will – Were these guys British? I forgot to ask them. They might not have been, because I think everyone is British for some reason.

5. Keith Lewis – Belted out a song about being a grave digger.

6. Phil – I couldn’t like Phil’s music more. “Got Sucked Up in a UFO!!!”

7. Willie Tapps – Played “Blowin in the Wind” and he thinks my cousin Mark looks like Chris Issac.

8. Bob – Played a song with the chorus, “goodbye Johnny” and I’ll take a guess that’s the name of the song.

9. The Free Wheelers – John, Dan and the new guy played a BB King tune along with a few others. I wonder if these guys like the Black Keys.

10. Matt Winn – As always, Matt played some stuff so crazy on the guitar that you want to go home and practice.

11. Jason Vertucio – Jay did some songs I didn’t know. They could have been originals or just covers I hadn’t heard before. His new guitar sounds pretty good and he posted a few pictures from last week’s open mic.


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    i think they are british. either that or they’re really good fakers.

  2. yeah they sounded like they were from britain of some sort.