JasonZahn.com’s GameShow

I mentioned JasonZahn.com’s GameShow to Jeanne yesterday and she was mad that I didn’t show it to her earlier. Jeeze. This is how it works: You sign up and each day (Mon – Fri) you have to complete the word or phrase with the most common answer. It’s sort of like Family Feud, except you’re on your own and there isn’t a drunk Richard Dawson leering at your sister. Some examples this month have been…

MEAT_____ (correct answer was LOAF)
____BRUSH (correct answer was TOOTH)
THOUGHT_____ (correct answer was FUL)

So every day you make a guess at which word will be the most common, but you also take a guess at a losing answer. A losing answer is a word that only one person in the game guessed as their winning answer. Some examples…

THOUGHT_____ (one losing was CONTROL)
MEAT_____ (one losing answer was EATER)

If you can correctly guess a losing answer then your points are doubled for the day. Also, twice a month you have the ability to once again double your points. You should only do this if you are really confident about your answers.

Check out this game here!

Update: If anyone here plays the game show, sign up for our private group called “Argh! Tis Drivin’ Me ____.” The password is nuts.