New Open Mic at the Carribean Crab

I got an email from my friend Justin today, formerly of nowayscoob and currently the bass player for Do It For Danny.

yo ben.
good news…i’m running open mic thursdays at the CRAB. remember the CRAB? that fabulous place that everyone loved playing at? well, now it’s gonna be better. cuz i’m runnin it now. anyway, if’n ever you wanna check it out, it starts this week. of course, in case there are too many people there, i’ll hold a special place in my heart for you up on stage. i want it to be fun. i’m gonna have trivia questions and ‘name this movie quote’ and all kindsa shit. it’s gonna be a QUIZMO and an OPEN MIC all wrapped up into one. c’mon out. i dares ya.
justin taylor (in case ya didn’t know)

The Crab is in Oaklyn on the White Horse Pike (Route 30) and they serve alcohol, so check it out if you’re looking for a good local open mic.