Open Mic Tonight

Come out tonight to the Tree House open mic. It runs from 8:00PM – 11:00PM. You can sign up in advance here or just come to hang out and drink coffe. Supporting your local coffeehouse is worth the effort.

I will not make it tonight, but Jarrod Schafer will host in my place. He lives on the 2nd floor. He lives upstairs from you. Yes I think you’ve seen him before.

Have fun and be sure to bring out your Talking Heads covers. So far there have only been 2!


4 responses to “Open Mic Tonight”

  1. i haven’t had time to learn mine

    my car’s busted and i have to work on getting that fixed

  2. If anyone wants to submit a recap, feel free.

  3. Couldn’t make it. Couldn’t even get to a phone to let anyone know I couldn’t make it.

    But the kilpatrick website is live. Sorta.

    Anyone want to buy a bass?

  4.  Avatar

    hey hey. i’ll be posting the recap soon ben.