New Pixies Song on iTunes

I just bought my first $0.99 song from the iTunes Music Store. I don’t think I’ve ever paid to download music before, but I really wanted to get the first new Pixies song in 13 years. It’s called “Bam Thwok” and it’s surprisingly upbeat and very good. Supposedly the Kim Deal song “was inspired by a child’s art book which Deal found on the street.” Kim does the lead vocals with Frank helping out in the background. The guitar lead is all fuzzed out, but that’s what really makes it sound like a Pixies song to me. In the middle of the song is a cool solo by Joey Santiago’s father in law that sounds like it’s being played on an underwater pipe organ. You should definitely check it out on iTunes or your favorite online music source.


2 responses to “New Pixies Song on iTunes”

  1. Try It is run by the Russian version of the RIAA. You pay for downloads by the megabyte – 1-2 cents per meg – so you are paying for the quality. You can also select a bunch of different formats… mp3, ogg, aac, or even the raw CD files.

  2. Thanks I’ll check it out.