Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House

Last Wednesday was busier than usual at the Tree House open mic. Lots of performers turned out.

In other news, I want to plug my good friend Jason Wheatley’s website. He’s still doing some work on it, but you can find out where he’s playing. He’s the former host of the Living Room, precursor to the Tree House.

1. Ben Garvey – Once again, I played “And She Was” by the Talking Heads along with a few other songs.

2. Garth Rolbeck – Haven’t seen him in a while, but despite a few sound problems he sounded good.

3. Phil – I hadn’t seen Phil in a while either, and even though he didn’t play “Baking Slave” I saw a lot of impressed people in the audience. The few there who saw Phil for the first time were impressed.

4. Sarah Allen – She turns 17 tomorrow and I wish her a happy birthday. Last week I really liked the 2nd song she did.

5. The Recommended Dosage – Pat Hipp joined his friend and did a nice radiohead cover. Then Pat’s friend rocked out on the mandolin.

6. Forest Greens – I snuck these guys into an early slot and it’s a good thing.

7. John and Dan – They did a cover of “The Weight,” that song with the chorus “Take a Load Off Fanny.” I pestered these guys to come up with a band name for weeks and it looks like they decided on The Free Wheelers. What do you think? Personally, I think they should go with The Three Wheelers.

8. Matt Winn – Brought his 12 string and made it sound like he had 12 fingers.

9. Willie Tapps – Crambo’d in his medley, but that’s ok. It was still shorter than some people’s songs.

10. Sarah O’Brien – I like the song she sang with the line, “Why is he without me?”

11. John Crawford – Played a song inspired by 9/11.

12. Kilpatrick – I think I like some of Pat’s songs, but I’d need to hear them on CD to know for sure. The one with the “Burning Out” chorus was pretty good.

13. Bob Michel – As Bob said, he entered the 1980s and got a pickup installed on one of his guitars. It seemed to feedback a little bit, but I think I got it straightened out.

14. Jason Vertucio – His rock star dances backfired when he cut off his own sound twice. Hopefully he isn’t that clumsy on the run way. Once again, he took some pictures.

15. Keith Lewis – He played what I think might be called “Falling in Love” and what I know to be called, “Dance My Love Dance.” I still haven’t figured out where the comma goes in “Dance My Love Dance.” It’s location or omission drastically alters the meaning of the song.

16. Johnny Miles – Killer voice. His website is new so check it out and hopefully he’ll be gigging around the area soon. He did a cool cover of “Cinammon Girl” by Neil Young. I enjoyed his 2nd song and I really hope it was an original.

17. Maria – I love it when she comes by. Her cover of Prince’s “Kiss” was outstanding. She kicked “Kiss’s” ass, but made her like it.