No Jay on Wednesday

Jason Vertucio won’t be at the open mic this week. Here’s why.


i cannot make the open mic this week. sadly, rob said he’d bring some more ipa or something for me. and i’m stuck in lawrenceville at some open casting call audition invite audition crap for some weird modelling agency thing.

it’s a favour for a friend. she thinks i can be a model or something. like i’m even tall enough.

anyway, send my condolences. and have a beer so it doesn’t go to waste.



p.s. i hear it’s someone’s birthday on wednesday. throw lots of confetti for me. and make sure it gets stuck in her hat. and then don’t forget the
birthday punches. yeah.

For a reason completely unrelated to the fashion industry, I won’t be at the open mic either. Jarrod the Vile will be your host.


2 responses to “No Jay on Wednesday”

  1. i’m glad there’s only one reason. but you forgot the indefinite article “a.”

  2. Fixed.