Netflix Raising Prices

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Dear Benjamin,

We hope you’re enjoying the convenience and selection of Netflix. Our goal has always been to offer a great service at a great price, and we’re dedicated to bringing you the largest library of films delivered quickly to your home.

Since launching our service almost four years ago, the subscription rate for the 3-at-a-time program has never changed. We’ve added more than 20 distribution centers in order to provide one business day delivery to most of our members. We’ve also expanded our library by thousands of titles and now offer more than 18,000 to choose from. During the four years, improvements such as these, as well as postal rate changes, have increased the cost of doing business.

Beginning June 15, 2004, we will be raising the prices of all our subscription programs. Your plan, the Netflix 3-at-a-time program, will change from $19.95 per month to $21.99 per month.

We believe our service offers an exceptional value and hope you’ll continue to enjoy the benefits of Netflix at the new price. We realize that you have many home entertainment choices, and we appreciate your business.

I’ve been a Netflix subscriber for about 2 years and I like it a lot, but hopefully they’ll invest in some replacement DVDs now that they’ll have more money to spend. Recently I’ve gotten a lot of damaged discs that freeze halfway through. There aren’t many more annoying things than not being able to watch the last 10 minutes of a movie.


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  1. speaking of which, kill vill vol. 1 is a freaking AWESOME movie. i can’t wait till vol. 2!!!!

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    I am pissed about the price jacking. I have received two DVD cracked in half in the past three months. I get scratched dics all the time, and my dvd player is old and does not handle the scratched dics very well. And I really want to see Kill Bill vol. 1, and I have had it #1 on my list since before it came out and they are still saying that it will be a really long wait.

  3. Most of the ones I watch are fine, yeah it’s a pain. I rarely order brand new releases from netflix, so I don’t know much about the problem you’re having with Kill Bill. I’ve never had to wait for a movie at the top of my list.