Collingswood Craigslist

Some people have a fascination with tabloids, gossip, or driving by car accidents. I like to read the Craigslist missed connections. For the uninitiated, a missed connection is when someone thinks they had a fate inspired moment with a stranger, but for whatever reason (usually a good reason) they never meet. So instead of talking to their potential soul mates they make a make a post on the Internet about them. I think today was the first time I read an entry from Collingswood.

Cute girl at Wawa – m4w – 22 (Collingswood)

To the cute cashier at Wawa in Collingswood, haven’t seen you in awhile. Hope you didn’t quit already.
From the guy w/the piercings.

Hopefully piercing guy will hook up with Wawa girl and they can toast to Craig and me at their wedding. Now that you know I’m reading, don’t any of you losers try and put me on there. I already thought of that.


3 responses to “Collingswood Craigslist”

  1. One of these days, I’ll probably get really bored and respond to some those. Maybe I’ll find a way to respond to that guy and tell him “I” haven’t been at WaWa lately because “I’m” having gender reassignment surgery.

  2. Or post something a month later saying,

    “Wawa cashier 4 pierced hottie

    It’s my fantasy that you’ll show up at my work one day, eat 2 bags of pork grinds and pour glasses of yoo-hoo for the sandwhich team before sweeping me off my feet for a romantic evening at Fischer’s Tavern in Westmont, NJ.”

  3. Make that “pork rinds.”

    Pork grinds are gross.