Open Mic Recap @ Doc Watson’s Pub

Tuesday night I stopped by the Doc Watson’s open mic and it turned out my old friend J the Enabler was hosting in place of the usual guy. Before I got to Doc Watson’s I stopped by Moriarty’s and tried their buffalo wings because several sources cited them as the best in Philly. They were excellent and surprisingly cheap. You get a dozen uncut wings for around $8, which is really an order of 24 since each wing has a drummette and a middle. The tips are there too if you like them, so it’s 24 wings plus 12 tips for $8.

Dan, the usual host, has been blogging the open mic for a few weeks now and you’ll recognize some familiar performers if you’ve been to the Tree House. The best entry recounted an exchange between Dan and the band Fuck Souls, made up of Joe (crazy wite-out on the face guy) and his friends.

“Fuck Souls” was comprised of two guys: SKINNY and LEGCRUSHER. LEGCRUSHER was from the ‘burbs and had hauled his drum kit in to center city. SKINNY had promised LEGCRUSHER that he would be at Doc Watson’s at 9:00 to sign “Fuck Souls” on the list. Needless to say, SKINNY didn’t show up until 11:00. I kindly told them (trying to be helpful) that i couldn’t promise anything, but they could hang around and if there was time at the end of the evening, they could set up and perform. I felt I was being fair. SKINNY pulled me aside and, with a look of meek pleading in his eyes asked me to “please, please, please” tell LEGCRUSHER that “Fuck Souls” was defintly going to perform.
“I can’t promise that, because it’s not true.”
“Please! If you don’t, he’s going to beat me up!”
“…that sounds like an unhealty relationship,” I said, trying not to get involved
“Please, just tell him that we can play!!”
“No. I’m not getting involved in your band politics”
I stepped away quickly. I could tell by the fear in SKINNY’s eyes that he wasn’t kidding about LEGCRUSHER’s famous anger and rage.

Make sure you read the rest.

On Tuesday there were some good performers including J doing “Asshole” by Dennis Leary. I caught Fishstick again and I liked what I heard. As usual there were a bunch of comedians at Doc Watsons and for the first time I actually liked some of them. Anne Putnam made me laugh with her routine about how she’s trying to rope in a husband by bragging her mom is a MILF, or in this case, a MYLF. Another guy made a great joke about how after watching the Paris Hilton video too many times he now gets turned on by videos of the first gulf war and the last scene from Silence of the Lambs. A guy named Aaron tried to do a cover of “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by the Darkness. I think I must have sucked because J kept changing the EQ settings while I played. I’m not blaming J, because he wouldn’t have had to change much if I sounded good. At that point I probably had a few too many 16 ounce $2 PBRs. You can’t beat a drink special like that, it can only beat you.


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    “You can’t beat a drink special like that, it can only beat you.”
    that is the best writing I’ve heard from you ,f—ing great.R.K.

  2. Thanks. I thought of that line the next morning.