Quick News Update

I have a number of things to mention, so I’ll just throw them together in one post tonight.

1. Sarah Allen wants the world to know about Ill Mitch. She recommends “punch while rap.”

2. John Shaughnessy is playing tomorrow night (Friday) at the Barrington Coffee House in Barrington, NJ at 131 Clements Bridge Road, about a mile from the White Horse Pike.

3. Adrien Reju is playing tomorrow night (Friday) at the Steel City Coffeehouse and is opening for Lauren Hart (she’s the one always singing at the Flyer’s games).

4. This is an interesting video.

5. Ever want to know what a pickled dragon looks like? Now you know.

6. Pixar is finally kicking Disney to the curb.

7. Last but now least, if you were a fan of the game Rampart in the arcades, you might want to check out this game done by a college programming class.


One response to “Quick News Update”

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    Ben, you should have also posted the Godfather of Soul’s mug shot. Old James Brown not looking so good these days.