Open Mic Recap @ The Treehouse

Last Wednesday’s open mic at the Tree House was a lot of fun. We even had a few out-of-towners playing.

Ben Garvey – I played a bunch of songs including “99%,” Johnny Cash’s “Big River,” and “Mr Grieves” by the Pixies.

Greg Brooks – This guy came all the way from Colorado to play some original songs and a Tom Petty cover.

Sarah Allen – Another great performance by Sarah. She played Roz’s guitar because she lacked a bridge pin.

Cynthia Bennett – She made the band she tried out for, but their name is tough to remember. Supposedly it’s an obscene phrase spelled backwards and she couldn’t say it because of the new profanity rules. heh.

Jason Schnitt – He came down from New York to play a few originals and I liked his style.

Mike, Steph, and AJ – They’re probably the first ever to do a Beck cover other than me. They did a nice version of Beck’s “The Golden Age” along with a Wilco cover.

John Brennan – John did a good version of “Baby Please Don’t Go” by Muddy Waters. I also like the Van Morrison version of that tune.

William Sankofa – Will’s booming voice is so loud he barely needs a mic. The place was nearly silent when he sang.

Roz King – Roz’s guitar has pretty distinct sound that doesn’t really change depending on how the EQ is set. It’s hard to describe. He sounded great though. Check out his new website for tips on performing.

Entheos – Tina, Randy, and Jarod played a few of their spritually influenced originals. They also busted out the rain sticks. Randy’s drumming is so loud that it’s hard to keep it from drowning everything out, but it turned out ok.

Jason Vertucio – He broke a string in the middle of a song, but kept going pretty well by borrowing my guitar. He also wrote up a recap for the open mic.