Upcoming Show at Bamboo Bernies

I just got booked for a show at the infamous Lawnside hangout, Bamboo Bernies on Thursday, February 12th. I’ll be playing with South Jersey luminaries the Dave B Trio and Night Train to Terror. In honor of our 16th President, the Dave B Trio will be reenacting his assasination!

On Feb 12, in honor of President Lincoln, The Dave B Trio will mark its Triumphant return to the stage by staging the assasination of R1 on Stage!!!!!!! The Show will once again be at Bernies www.bamboobernies.com, but other shows are in the works for the next coming months!

Actually, they should reenact his birth at the start of the show and his death at the end. (Update: I have since found out that R1 is one of their band members. I thought it stood for the first Republican. I still like my idea)


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  1. that’s my brother’s birthday, dude. i don’t think i can go.

  2. and yes, if you must know. my brother is abraham lincoln. okay? there. answers any questions you may have lingering in the back of your mind.

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    …is re-enact the assasination of Abe by Booth, except just as Booth is about to shoot Abe, Abe turns around and judo chops Booth in the neck and steals Booth’s gun. A preliminary script:

    Abe: “My arch enemy…John Wilkes Booth!”

    Booth: “I loved you like a brother dammit! Now I will bury you like a turd in a catbox!”

    Abe: “Never!” (Abe judo chops Booth and grabs the gun…Booth falls to the ground, and Abe puts his boot on his neck).

    Abe: “I have a message for the five families which I want you to deliver…”

    Abe shoots Booth in the kneecap.

    Abe: (to fellow audience members and gawkers) “Remove this urchin from my sight and get the word out..Lincoln runs this town now!”

    I think that would be cool….

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    Never seen them but, I actually heard that R1 guy is an some sort of make-shift scrap-yard android. Some even say his robot heart is programmed to love.

  5. Sounds like your brother needs a birthday fishbowl filled with booze.

  6. it’s called a volcano, and it’s more like an industrial-sized mixing bowl filled with heavenly goodness (i.e. rum!). Go to Silk City on 4th & Spring Garden sometime in 1999 to pick one up.

    I hear they destroyed the bowls though, and stopped serving it.

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    Didn’t we get one of those at Sportsfans one time?

  8. I don’t remember, but maybe that’s why.

  9. At bamboo bernies they are called fishbowls and they look like little fish bowls.

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    Hmmm…I’m pretty sure you and Steven Burton Lewis got one…but I’m pretty foggy on the details (unsurprisingly).