Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House

I’d like to describe the events of Wednesday’s Tree House open mic without making it seem like I’m poking fun at the mentally challenged. So instead of me tainting the story with colorful metaphors and half truths, I’ll just state a list of facts.

  1. I was asked if someone with “special needs” could sing a few songs for the open mic, to which I said yes.
  2. This person sang one song accompanied by a CD, and two songs acapella.
  3. All three songs were decent, especially considering the person’s background.
  4. After his third song he refused to leave the stage.
  5. No amount of coaxing would get him off.
  6. This includes a cookie.
  7. Thirty minutes later the police arrived and escorted the performer off the stage, and thankfully without incident.

I hope that answers any questions about what happened that night. Now, on to the performers!

1. Jarrod Schafer – He helped me out with the sound check by playing some Live and some Christmas songs.

2. Ben Garvey – I played “99%,” “The Genius of it All,” and “I Hope I Die on the Moon.”

3. Grant – Sang three country songs and liked performing so much he didn’t want to leave!

4. Greensleeve – I’ve listened to their demo 2 or 3 times now and I really enjoy it, but I’d like to hear the vocals clean instead of doubled up and even tripled up on the CD. Fairly standard emo-ish lyrics, but I really like the long melody progression of their songs.

5. Cynthia Bennett – Crazier lyrics than usual.

6. Sarah Allen – Sounded fantastic. I think she did at least one Jason Mraz cover.

7. Bob Michel – He’ll be playing soon at the Tree House and he sounded good on Wednesday.

8. John Shaughnessy – Good set and I like the song “Roberta” (at least that’s what I think it’s called). He also watches Survivor.

9. Willie Tapps – He did a Robert Johnson song and sounded awesome as usual.

10. Jordan Kelly – I think he struggled through the lyrics of Radiohead’s Karma Police, but he salvaged his set with a good original.

11. John Brennan – New guitar and a new sound. Sounds good to me.

12. Roz King – Still belting out good Steve Earle covers.

13. Jason Vertucio – He started out really loud and I even turned his guitar gain all the way down. He must have some sort of space age amplifier on his guitar. I liked his music though.

14. Entheos – Tiny, Randy, and Jarrod rock out with some Christain Christmas music.


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    hey how come Jason Vertucio links to does he have a website or what?

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    i like that jason can check him out at 🙂

  3. Fixed it. I put the anchor tag in, but forgot to put in the URL. It defaults to this site.

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    Shamelessless self promotion

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    what?! dude … my self promotion was the “why does the link go back to” post. i woulda felt bad about people clicking on the link and going back to the top of your page.

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    Naw this is me Roz I’m an ass by birthright.much love