Sandra Wins Survivor

Sandra won the million Survivor: Pearl Islands and after watching nearly every episode this season, I’m pretty happy with the result. Sandra was easily in my top five favorite contestants and destroyed Lil the Scout leader 6-1 in the jury vote. I did gain some additional respect for Lil in the last episode and here’s why.

A. She won the immunity challenge. I knew Sandra would be out first, but I never thought Lil would win, especially the way she was sitting on that raft. 2 hours without falling! I highly doubt Darrah would have won that challenge, since Lil barely looked phased. I was really impressed.

B. Giving the money to Sandra instead of John – It seemed like Lil was the only one who realized how little she was liked on the show. People perceived her has having more friends than she really did. Forget the reunion show vote because Johnny Fairplay would have won by secret ballot and Lil knew the others resented her for being an outcast (contestants let back in after being voted out). Some might think she was dumb and lost a million so John couldn’t have it, but I think she knew she had no chance and cast her vote with Sandra. In Lil’s opinion, Sandra is a better person than John and deserved the money.

If it came down to you having a 10% at winning a million dollars against someone you respected and a 30% chance at winning a million against someone you couldn’t respect, which would you take?

Also… HBO picked up Carnivale for a 2nd season!


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    Your assessments are pretty much right on, I think. With all Lil’s bawling, you could hardly root for her to win the title of “survivor”. And Lil did take a beating at the final TC.
    It was a pretty satisfying season, I’d say. Most seasons have a lag where they lose most of their steam. Even though Rupert’s ouster was a blow, S7(PI) held up. S1(the original) was definitely the best. Thailand (S5?) was definitely the worst. The rest, to me, are muddling in the middle. – J

  2. I watched Season 2 in Australia and maybe 3 episodes of the one in the Amazon (I think this was season 6). I thought Pearl Islands was a lot better than Australia for two reasons.

    1. The Outback sucked as a location and it was painful to watch how miserable they were. It was an ugly place compared to most of the other locations.

    2. After Mike fell in the fire in the Outback and the tribes evened up, the show got really predictable. Pearl Islands had enough twists to usually allow you to make a good guess at who would get kicked this week, but picking the weeks ahead was difficult.