I tried out Friendster last summer and it seemed pretty interesting, but when the site grew it scaled so poorly that it takes 100 years just to look someone up. Over at BoingBoing I read about and it beats Friendster in so many ways. The two main improvements are speed and discussion groups, called tribes, where you discuss different topics. Currently, I post in the Survivor* tribe and the BoingBoing tribe, but I’m in a lot more that I just read once and a while. Check it out.

* I get groans every time I mention I’m a fan of this season’s Survivor. I hate almost everything on TV, but I’m loving this so I don’t care.


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    At least they got rid of Burton. Has there ever been a weaker final 4? Kinda makes it interesting.

  2. I only got to watch about 5 minutes of the episode in bits and pieces. Getting rid of Burton was the smartest thing they’ve done in three episodes. Burton screwed himself by taking John along with him for the reward and leaving the girls home alone. I don’t think John minds Burton’s exit as much as you’d think. That’s one vote for John in the jury and Burton isn’t an immunity threat any more.

    Now I’m thinking the final two will be Sandra and John, unless Darrah or Lil can win immunity. John will definitely make the final two because everyone thinks they can beat him there.

    My opinion on jury winners…

    Sandra and John – Sandra wins.
    Sandra and Lil – Sandra wins
    Sandra and Darrah – Not sure, but I’d guess Darrah.

    Darrah and John – Not sure, but I’d guess Darrah since she almost has three sure votes (T, Ryan, Sandra, and Lil)
    Darrah and Lil – Darrah wins easily

    John and Lil – John wins

    So despite what everyone keeps saying, that Lil would beat anyone in the final two, I don’t think Lil has a chance of winning unless she gives an awesome speech at the end and says she’ll start a new scout camp with the $1 million.

    Not including those still in the game…
    Sandra has two sure votes (Christa, Rupert)
    Darrah has two sure votes (T, Ryan)
    John has maybe one sure vote (Burton)
    Lil has no sure votes

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    In other words- anything can happen!

    John is definitely the wild card. But for the “matermind” he is, you’d think he’d know a “reward” this late in the game is suicide. You’re probably right that he may not care, since Burton got the axe and not him. As for the winner, who knows? If you check your survivor history, S1 proved some juries give credit to the devious manipulators. But usually, it’s far less “who played the game better” , and more you just give the money to whoever you like the most(see Survivor Amazon).

    It’s a good thing we can say we play music for a hobby, Ben, otherwise I think I might hear someone yelling “get a life”.