Who Wants to Play with (Some of) Jethro Tull in Collingswood?

Thanks to Keith Lewis for sending this in. Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull is doing something awesome. He wants to be your backing band.

Ian Anderson is looking for volunteers to appear as special musical guests on some of the upcoming shows on his USA “Rubbing Elbows” tour. If you are a resident of, or live near to, the following cities and are a singer/songwriter with some preferably professional live-performance experience, then he would like to hear from you.

You need to send a CD of three or four of your songs ? ideally played live ? so we can choose a suitable number for Ian and his musicians to learn and ?back? you on. Solo performers preferred. A duo will do at a pinch but, for production reasons, NO BANDS, please. There is no fee for this appearance ? Ian is far too mean for that ? but you will get a recording of your spot sent to you later as a keepsake and possibly a free beer, a couple of concert tickets for mom and dad and a wrinkled T-shirt from the bottom of the merchandise box.

Remember, you have to be a nearby resident. No good sending your CD to cover the whole country as we are looking for LOCAL musicians for whom the appearance might prove helpful in their career.

This is AWESOME. I’m burning my CD right now. Head here for details on where to submit your CD. They’re playing on here on November 15th at the Scottish Rite Auditorium in Collingswood. I emailed them and they said they are definitely looking for an opening act for this show. What are you waiting for?


2 responses to “Who Wants to Play with (Some of) Jethro Tull in Collingswood?”

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    All this fame has obviously gone to your head, Ben. Which do you think sounds better?

    “The dude from Jethro Tull, with opening act Ben Garvey.” Yawn.

    “The dude from Jethro Tull, with opening act ROBOT DRACULA!!!” Holy shit!

    Seriously though, that would be supercool if you could land that. Good luck!

  2. I’d say the chance is pretty low, but it would be awesome. The Scottish Rite Auditorium is right next to my old apartment building and supposedly it’s really nice. I’ve never been inside.