Apocalyptic Sign of the Day

Today’s sign that the end is nigh.

Elliot Smith commits suicide and Clay Aiken has the number one album in the country. Feel free to add your own signs in the comments.


4 responses to “Apocalyptic Sign of the Day”

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    Why doesn’t Fred “Rerun” Berry get any love from anyone? I don’t know who this Elliot Smith character was, but he’s all over the news, and everyone’s sad…but what about poor old fatass Rerun? He brought smiles to the faces of millions whilst on the TV and yet he has been largely disregarded by everyone for the news of this Elliot Smith.

    Sweet Rerun, an angel cries for thee.

  2. If he comes back from the dead, would he be the Reanimated Rerun?

  3. being an elliot smith fan, i fail to see the humor in this. actually, fan or not, i don’t think it’s something to make light of.
    i just saw him a few months ago. it makes me sad not only that he died, but the way he did.

  4. I assume you are replying to the first comment and not my post because although my post has a light tone, it’s pretty clear I consider Elliot Smith’s suicide and Clay Aiken’s popularity to be pretty bad things.