Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House

Wow, I certainly didn’t expect such a great night after two slow weeks. I guess no one cares about baseball anymore. I took a bunch of pictures during the night, too.

1. Ben Garvey – I played “All my Dreams are in Cartoon,” “The Genius of it All,” and Beck’s “Jackass.”

2. The MDs – They brought their own amps, one of which had a super-sensitive reverb that echoed every time someone moved on stage. The MDs sounded good together.

3. Bob Michel – I liked the last song he did this week.

4. Melissa Cox – A new comer from Newark, DE and a friend of Matt’s. She was great and I really liked what she did with her voice. Her melodies were interesting and unpredictable.

5. Sarah Allen – She is really shy and modest, but so talented. I love that she comes to the open mic so often.

6. Matt Winn – Matt finally started telling us some of his awesome song titles. I’m going to name my first born “Stand Aside, Watermelons.” I hope she doesn’t get picked on.

7. Willie Tapps – He brought out his banjo and played a couple of songs standing up. If you weren’t there you missed it.

8. John Brennan – He did a Rolling Stones cover on slide guitar. His guitar tone sounded really thin, so I think next time I’ll try miking his guitar instead of using the pickup.

9. George – He played “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd, which was the Paul VI High School class of 1997 prom theme.

10. Jack Sparks – He never does it perfect, but I always like his “Karma Police” cover.

11. Jeremy Horn – Two ween covers. YES!

12. Keith Lewis – I’ve said it before, but I think Keith’s guitar sounds better than anyone else’s at the Tree House these days.

13. Adrien Reju – She played one of my favorite songs, “Kaleidoscope.” She also played “Folklore” from her band’s demo CD and a new song that began, “It’s snowing, it’s snowing!” After last year, I’m dreaded snow season.

14. John Shaughnessy – Played a few good original songs on my guitar and closed out the night.