Great Post From Rodney of the Dead Milkmen

Rodney Anonymous is an insight into the mind of a Dead Milkman. John Shaughnessy introduced me to the site and I’ve been hooked ever since. Today’s “Thoughtless for the Day” is awesome.

Some days I just feel like screaming at inanimate objects, or making crank calls, or sticking “I KILL COPS” bumper stickers on the backs of Hummers, or pointing out to strangers on the street that Mother Theresa was a fraud, or circulating petitions make talking in a movie theater punishable by flogging, or paying some suburban death metal kids to “redecorate” someone’s home (?and in the nursery – a cradle of filth!), or posting the names and addresses of people who slap their kids in public (or in private) along with maps showing how to get to their homes, or robbing a series of banks and then using the money to launch a cable network that only shows 1960’s highway safety films, or putting a framed picture of Squeaky Fromme on my desk at work, or inventing a new teen dance craze that utilizes a live wombat, or installing razor wire between all the urinals in a men’s room, or writing to the Pope of the Greek Orthodox Church and saying “I’m sorry that that other Pope gets all the attention.”. or being happy – if just for a few minutes.