Old Flyers

My mom mentioned she found a few of my old high school gig flyers, so I went to their house and scanned them in. Click on the images to enlarge them.

This flyer is for a show I had on Saturday, July 5th 1997 at Coffee World in Marlton. Coffee World went out of business a few months after the show. I vaguely remember making this flyer and thinking, “This will look cool if I take these stone heads and put real eyes in them.” Jeanne is mad at me because I didn’t remember it was her eyes in the round aztec thing.
Jake still thinks this was my best flyer ever. I seriously hope I fixed the errors and spelling mistakes before putting it up. The flyer promoted a pair of shows I had, both at Coffee World. One of the shows was at their South Street location, which is now a Subway!
One of the only survivinig flyers from my short lived band, Stickfigure. I think Jay and I made this flyer together and it sucks. What is with that cartoon guy? Jay used to draw that thing all the time and it would piss John off to no end. There is another version of this flyer that had our picture on it, but I don’t think any of them made it into the 21st century. The venue is the infamous Down to Earth on High Street in Mt Holly. It’s no longer there, but in the mid to late 90s it was definitely the place to be in South Jersey. The show went great and we opened for two kick ass bands. Some people told us later on that it was our only good show. hah.