New Layout for the Site

I’ve been working dilligently on a new design for this site using the latest web trends and technologies. Tables are out, divs are in, and Cascading Style Sheets rule the day. If you hate how this looks go here and change your theme to “Super Green” to use the old layout. Yes I know the old theme isn’t green at all, much less super green. It’s a long story.

This is definitely not finished, but the goal is to weed out any small post nuke problems that prevent me from easily redesigning the site every so often. I’m not sure I’m crazy about the green color for the visited links.

If you’re not seeing the new theme head here and change your theme to “Boxed.”

If you’re using IE, it might look pretty bad for now. I’m fixing it. It should be somewhat fixed by now. I highly suggest you all try out Mozilla 1.4. It’s the best web browser out there.


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    this is neat-o!
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