Pissed at Best Buy

A month ago my DVD player stopped working, forcing Jeanne and me to watch the end of the Third Man on my computer. Best Buy held on to the player for 4 weeks fixing it, but when I got it back last night it still wouldn’t work! I feel like I’m living at that freaking store lately.

There are two possibilities.

  1. Best Buy didn’t fix it and hoped I wouldn’t notice.
  2. Best Buy fixed it so poorly it couldn’t withstand the the stress of being carried out of the store and riding in the car.

Either way it’s pretty poor service.


4 responses to “Pissed at Best Buy”

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    The Third Man! We watched that in Critical Approach to Cinema! Personally, I prefer it over Citizen Kane. I get into a lot of arguments over this.

  2. I did it again. Damn, I need to remember to log in.

  3. Yeah, I’ve wanted to show it to Jeanne for a while now and finally got around to it. Citizen Cane is pretty awesome, so I’d have to think about which was better. I love the music in the Third Man.

  4. Even the DVD is pretty grainy, but the music is pretty good. I love Orson Welles in it, plus it was one of the first movies that had a “twist” to the ending, long before movies endings became predictable. I like to think it was the Fight Club or Usual Suspects of its time. hehe.