The DORK Did It

Philadelphia anti-folk king Adam Brodsky set a world record playing 50 shows in 50 states in 50 days. It’s kind of funny to call that a world record, since the Chinese, Australians, North Koreans have little chance of challenging Adam’s tour, although statisically China has about 4 Adam Brodskys. It’s still a freaking amazing achievement, especially considering I’ve done 3 gigs/open mics in a week and felt a little worn out afterwards. The farthest I had to drive was Bryn Mawr, although I walked from 8th and Market to 4th and Girard a few weeks ago. You should really check out his tour journal, especially Day 49 where he rips apart the band Foundation Stone.

although i really don?t like to trash other bands, i think i will make an exception here. i was put on the bill with a stupid hippie regge band called foundation stone.

as far as i can tell foundation stone is comprised of a cunt of a frontwoman who is also canadian. some dirty hippie of a guitar player who is also a dick, a bass player who was only a mild jackass, and a drummer who is actually kind of ok.

i was scheduled for 10,and i went on the very minute the sound guy said, lets get started 10:30

so i was going to play 40 minutes and get off. well 30 minutes into my set williamina Cuntzler comes to the side of the stage and says ?this is your last song” i can?t fucking believe it. these assholes think they own the night. so their 7 fans can hear about jah. well in the words of texco vee of the meat men i say “blow me jah”

i say “look i?m schedueld for a 40 minute set, its only been 30” she says, well you went on late.
“i went on when they told me to go on”
“do one more”
“look i?ll compromise, i?ll do two more” here i was giving more ground in the name of civility
“do one more”

so i did one more and was faced with the no win situation of either keeping my mouth shut, or taking trash from teh state about another band. neither of whidh appealed to me so as i?ve steamed for the past couple days, i decided i?do the only responsible mature sensible thing. and that is to trash them on the internet.

again their name is foundation stone, and i advise any of the 30 of you who might read this to never go see their shittly little poseur white regge band.

Great job Adam. Sorry I never got off my ass and actually went to one of your shows. I promise never to make the Puerto Rico joke again and I will discourage its use by others.